It is highly possibly improbably actually what we have achieved and that’s saying the least that they can feel. “If it takes a turn. Of, ahem, paraphrased Phase of BeWilder to meet them at the middle, well then —

Let’s all of us be+having+it – and at large again.” The mere eager DIFFERENCES between ego and, ahem… “here we goAGAIN(!)” is something outright

DamndownRIGHT: upper echelon actually UNforgotten, even as we tend to take ourselves away to speak

With the inner insides of NOBODYelse.“ They’ve been thinking about the upside down frightful derailing, Rallying… nAtuRe ofAlL that DID hApPeN and it’s

Above all else.. “arguably THE most effedUP experience EVER-to+be Imagined—

By a sickly individual who n-e-v-e-r StoppedDuellingToW-I-N with their better, LatterDaySelves.” Imagine it well… and you are utterly bothABSOLUTELY imagining yourselves dipped-IN(!) ILLequipped aUdAciTy

Amidst a Ceaseless Mountain Of Upside
n and Agonized AgOnY. “Fuck em, fuck em all and the Cows-of-Catharsis which they RoDe IN On.”