This torpedo-like state of inhospitable anxiety cannot continue with its tasteless sense

Of initiated AND FalselyFelt Disaster; for this woman has

Been back to where the mInd cannot EVERAGAIN belong, been a long and ARDUOUS time coming and ALL-OF-US are, InFACT, right HERE waiting—

For it all to finally take- undeniably quick-thinking, latter-day pace; she has tasted an inhumane level of improvising PAIN AND

The wait(aforementioned as it all may well have been) was too long a time stuck in u-t-t-e-r lImBo.

Narrow-minded and hospitalised, No Thanks for Asking EVER-AGAIN(!!)
And, yet,

Walk AND t-a-l-k and natter AND endlessly cHatTeR with it: -She Did, dodder-faced as she may well have r-e-m-a-i-n-e-d(… …)

This HAS been an u-t-t-e-r-l-y disgusting thing of unimaginable mental PuLsaTiOn alongside UNENVIABLE LEVELS of MIScalculated representation, actually(!)

Of A MOST… Beautifully EsTraNgeD BrAiN…

Yes! The wax, the WaNe – and these consequentially upSTANDING words w-i-l-l still(mother fucking)MeandeR, narrowly concentrated AND readily available —-

“To Take Our Best Breaths Away…”// make NO mistakes, that THIS thus-far pARTicular Thing WAS a dance with the devil (of brain)
As she searches for… a sense of momentary sanity again