One day, they will see why it is exactly that all of these outrageously brutalistic things do tend to actually happen.

These dangerously infatuated undercover cop-detectives – chalk ‘n’ cheese by their very own haplessly unasked for destruction – have been meaning to make a serious difference within the poisonous underbelly which breathes like wildfire.

And they will, one way or a direly concentrated other.
Se7en deadly sins, and these mindlessly mindful criminals seem to be pushing their broken minds to the utter limit.

Of typified destruction – step the f**k away from all of this needlessly destructive behaviour, detectives…

… an untouched, glaringly obvious inadequacy in an already perilously failed existence, outrageously unravelling one blood river per angst-arisen time and about to be irreversibly lit

Like the most flavourless fuse in all of this misshapen world of problematic ours, coated in TNT abiding abuse throughout its scintillator core

Til we are left unthinkably, unspeakably, jaw-dropped to an eyes-wide closed extent of incredible wonderment – this simply has to be what they mean when they speak of cry-shame bewilderment