We were behaving about as hard and as happy as a clam in shit.. the spray of egoist symptoms and atmospheric symptoms seemed to hold its own utterly gAiNinG.. when we.. stand wide~awake and eagerly aware as to their..

UTTERneed for consistency and (inner~)inebriation. “We sing whilst they win.. at losing the game of prettyLITTLEplayPRETEND(..)” Seemingly it’s a time of day when the CrawBLOODYdads did sing.. as soft and serene(ly) as humanly(?!) impossible.

He’s been climbing the sofa SOFAR inside of her Geographical mind, and we do tend to m-i-n-d how their eyesTogether will

Geometrically U
D(..) It’s kiiiinda this… reverberating thing filled with silly LiTtLe VeRseS with their own thirst