We have taken time out of the equation and bathed our minds in another state of requiem and it feels… Hmm, rather delightful and sweet and cheers to these Irish red setters from the bottom of our hearts – stop start again and for the meaningful matter of

A considerate and contrived artist who wants to wish to create a seriously addictive sedative via conspicuously credibly prose – the ghost who goes and leans and sometimes sleeps eager eared between

Their thumb and -sometimes- forbidding forefinger, it will linger at large if needs be a thing of aforementioned requiem –

This IS A DRAMATIC SCENE OF SENSIBLE DREAM and we have been living it(OUTLOUD!) within the brilliantly binding together of

Her ten tonne tome/ one woman, five million too many men of fictional whereabouts and maniacally AWARE clout, and they seem to be completely different and, Yet, sitting comfortably AND unConTrOllAblY back together —- “always, actually.”

Mother effing beautiful red setters that they all are