It’s not about anything other than living with the imbalance now for me. It’s about.. letting my mind find its way back to belonging. By belonging, what I mean is, that it must not be knocked off its centre-point. How anyone else without a mental illness gets to live out their life. I don’t care what happened before, not a for a split-second even. What I do truly care about now is.. people who know me understanding when I might need to take a break, take a step back. Crowds can knock me off-centre – big, talkative crowds. That’s a given, even if I’ve handled this whole thing a million times before now. Anyone who doesn’t care to understand my predicament of the brain can truly go eff themselves because, well, turns out they ain’t even my people in the first place. Ross is down for the weekend. Me, Ross, and Baxter, and the family, maybe even out in Courtmacsherry for the weekend. As I say, just to take a breather for myself, a step back whenever I may feel it necessary. It’s going to be difficult, no two ways about it. However, I have dealt with difficult multiplied by a million and look at me right this minute. Still here. Still standing proud and happy and getting to feel my real emotions again. A strange life? Yes, absolutely. A hard life? Undeniably. Do I have everyone’s understanding now who matters the most to me? Hell, yeah!!! 😃 💃