They move with the tension of tantamount time now; they even seem to seek to wish to want to wide eyed witness: another universal thirst altogether actually. It’s this.. weekly endeavour of endlessly rambunctious play pretend and they’ve been meeting each other at the centre point of audible wherewithal again. We’ve slept on it a fair while NOW and we do seek to seem to wish to wisely want the exact same matter of fact thing. As them…

Together – one of another and NOOTHER person, thanks for hardly ever even asking. We’ve been sadly paralysed far too long a time And this is the bring US BACK TO LIFE: it is transgressional and argumentative and definitely sentimEnTaL because

You guess it again… We are wandering with our aforementioned eyes wide opening AGAIN and asking

For the ballpoint pen to meet its realised zEn.