Whichever way they look upon it
He just will not stop
This insatiable need to breathe through a far superior being’s imagination – stretched at tantalised will
So to speak amidst syllables arrived right by gritted, warlord teeth
Of his to behold and attempt to begettingly treasure
Take my hand and dance akin to these silly little over-analytical sentences
Of His pressed soliloquy against
Which we do indeed collaborate outright atop
Stop a fair while, pupeteer your smile ’til these sun-sprayed Miles of yours aside forever mine rewind all over again
To permittedly remind
Find the time, pine downright enthusiastically… please – release
Savour a most ironic, hoped to be iconic flavour, never is enough
Only ever when this bleeding pen tends to align itself right by
A jaded, cruxified eye that shall equally savour said feedback flavour – the absolute unmatched necessity so you see
You took him up to another such level, peddled his tuk-tuk truck Cambodian style like the flickering stars that you undeniably are, carrying bright, bright minds to relay an agonised rhyme
He has to stand – hand on his heart – to simply ask
Why exactly is it that You and your chosen few were oh so very kind
Immediately from the Start – seems we have a heart alright
He’s been oh so fucking outrageously tapestried that you wouldn’t believe… yet You Do
And for that he will forever sit with you