It isn’t quite an antagonised answer but rather this rarely happening thing

Of sordid interplay between: all these thoughtless people of prioritised upside down-ness again…

What we have seemed to gain is actually not all that extraordinary at all anymore but rather

This thing of falsely faltering insinuation – hearsay per se, and they
Are NOTHING if not utterly night-owls and readily prepared to fight: for the sake of the nocturnal sight

Of awake all night intermissions: it is this… wish to look for one such answer with a thousand dangle of question In The Air Weigh UP… whEre?!

Even when, and If: it was all a big largely honest AND dishonest realm of DreAm. Embedded. That is, seemingly, seen to be the exact same piece of the insanely insolvent puzzle which wishes to want to need ——-

To cause us ALL to crawl AND Kneel and BEG THEM, plEASE(!!) To bear with We. It’s about to get sticky