A man who can break many an age-old mould and meet this larger than life place right by the manic middle til  everything begins to make unbelievable sense again, he feels his leather-bound guitar strap – for it supports his trembling waist, holds it in theatrical place – and whispers to himself one more time, ‘there you all are”

Realises an utter need to breathe amidst these five wonderfully strapping strings
He knows no real bounds and strays his feet to pound these wickerwork, Dublin-based streets and means to gather a bottom dollar living design whilst holding his gregarious smile up against the harsh and suddenly darkened city skynight, where this ugly, metallic and over-enlarged pin sitting none too pretty, eerily pent-up and energetically centre, settled pummelled right down by the moneymaking middle, brings every next musically-enthused tourist into rapturous round-of-applause play

And they will follow his enraptured smile and offer to outlandishly PAY