It’s not that we didn’t wish to do it but that we had to have assumed a down-sitting positioning this time. “Terrific as they all were they really didn’t seem

Slightly interested in interfering with their own state of Momentary Bliss.” We’ve cradled and kissed the COMMON-faced creators who’d really wanna be sorting out their very own eye-sores RIGHT-NOW!! “If we

Please ourselves to please everyone else they’ll end-up with egg on their preparatory faces ((anyway)) and telling all kinds of Delicate+both+Dedicated tAleS.” She’s

The Cat that got the Cream, she’s a delirio(US) state of her very own entire enthusiasms. And if we want for

Weapons of Reconstruction then we’ll nearly-both-REALLY want for utter

Destruction inside of vilified lives. “What if, though, we “GO!!” Hard, Harsh… AND HAPPILY inside of a mysteriously mitigated system which j(US)t did not WISH to sleep and ever again?”