These curves are entirely au-naturelle, to hold against your every lust-filled will – she has seemingly been downright physically tapestried, and I’ve almost, very nearly tasted it all
In a quickened, seriously wanton instance of improper misconduct – to have and to smoulder to simply Tuck On In Enthusiastic
Righteously so
Ever-knowing to flow
Her own organised will appears to me to be second to none other in this manic world of ours
They just don’t quite make to create them akin to how they used to do anymore – ‘cept of course for only ever Her
When that pencil skirt nestles itself right by the knees, please
Hurt these prioritised eyes as kind as you can
Tease the life immediately from me on through to you
And any other man prepared to undeniably wait an unrequited lifetime to touch your silkened skin
Smooth as these sins we do tend to taking to stealing away together
Forever, perhaps