There’s been this dedicated delay now. This… thus far ferociously felt feeling, of acting ABOVE and actually BEyond; this puddle of putridly LIT pond which had to have been

filled to the screaming-MaD-brim

… with enough of these sickening levels of decimating people, who r-e-a-l-l-y shouldn’t have (ALL-OF-THEM) been SO VERY eagerly KEEN-eyed aware anymore…. and ever since the blood-spattered BEGinning

They’ve EVEN been restored(right-NOW!) to that rIoToUsLy applicable stAGE: of… ahem, ageLESS grace.

Perhaps there is in-fACT a prayer in there somewhere(!?!) and it needs to be DUTIFULLY destroyed at the edges of its plagiarised paradise(!!!!!)
MULTIPLIED TIL THESE BAD PRIESTS with their bad seeds and their MAD BAd BIG egos BECAME..

Muted and magnificently mutilated.
We’ve ALTered ABSOLUTELY nothing actually… and it DOES kinda f-e-e-l decidedlyBOTHwonderfully preARRANGED and ReAl—

Even if… they DID dOdDeR aBoUt ThE hip-happy pLacE RegArdLeSs oF aNyThInG ElSe and steal the LARGEST part

of a piece of our pure and steadFASTly aware sOuls (some more!!)

AND for ONE sole mothereffing reason!! And none-other-than to… recall it all and to REMEMBER THEM just so very-well.

Even as though, AS-IF, it WERE in-DEED bleeding itself into the (inESCAPABLE!) shape of our brand-new landscape..