As they assumed an upsetting positioning we ended our own ways and wandered along nice and DanDy and fanciful as ****, thanks for bloody well sitting REMARKably still and upsetting your very own

Tendency for a “Who-the-hell-are-you(?!)” AppleKart-ego… and for just a single moment of your tantalised time. It’s… part fantastical and part brave and partly… an utterly

Open-lettered Venture. “To those problematic people wearing black+and+white sat at the BACK of BREAK-FREE AND EVEN we just might want to tell you that there is in fACT a million NuanCeS in-between:

Being bold and beautiful.” The truth isn’t even all they needed any MORE than before:: certainly NOT AT ALL while their MAGICAL~smiles multiply and mind

How they think for themselves again. “We were strung along and stung by a billion bothersome and BickerinG bees and still sweet as a hellUva Lotta SuGar in between…. being these (HIGHLY) reparable people with aforesaid smiles for wide-eyed wings actually.”

It isn’t even a thing except for the utter ******* fact that…

•Whoever does get to turning our minds off in the pitch-of-DarK will n-e-v-e-r, EVER get to know JUST what we can do:::

with our multiverse-of-imagination SET TO SPILL===

“At full-speed, please.”

•We might be tired and we might just like to take it to the next level of fullON apprehension… just that.. “everyone else really does seem serioUSly smitten with doing

their own singular thing.” And that’s as fine

As a lonesome man PandErInG AbOuT in his long-Johns
In lAugh-out-L-O-U-D Paradise.