She chose paradise over paralysed ANY OTHER DAY OF THIS WEEK: as her creative tilt spares no blushes, grabs a brush… and RUSHES!! Her steady-faced body courageously against, the blank-white-space

Which sits (kneedeep) before her: ceaselessly imbedded within its own Brave Sense of emotional OVER(!)entitlement,

Only SHE was meant, to count herself in YET again when ((inescapably)) ready…
To aforeMENTIONED s-t-e-a-d-y said ship —-

Of a most metaphorical yet equAlLy oceanic-ally built situation —
Because she IS A WaTeR bAbY and “born-to-BoUnCe!!” Back to life with the concentration of her sanguine bLuE eyes Built with the requisite ability to speedily abridge EVERYTHING

To INEVITABLY build a bridge
Between the audience and her mind — Of which, the time WILL find

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