If they were wound+up for being Loud then they were definitely wound-DOWN for being SOUND ABOUT everything else, actually; “their best hearts WERE the exact same ones which had to start somewhere..”

EXTRA exact —-and utterly brand old indeed. “We do seem to have alarmed our creative=selves AGAIN and to the none too SELLABLE extent of leaning over, ahem . Forwards and thanklessly being”

Insanely hellbent upon acting rather Courteously EsTranGeD// some-will-say: “ludicrously semiDeranged and asking for —-

Hella-wisdom to take over our AUTOMATIC souls…”

and if the time it did take was to WERE to have wanted to forsake

All other knowing intelligences then.. “what. The effinghell(!!) has happened to .. the woman with ALL of the courteousGolddust in her auburn hair(?!)”

Was she REALLY, realistically speaking.. a burnedANDburied beauty-at-the-stake? “Probably positively N-O-T…

Unless we let ourSELVES believe These FiCkLe things to have been

This particular putrefaction of way.” She’s been extremely making “HEY!!” whilst the sun don’t want to stART.. crying itself to sleep Yetagain