The time is nigh, for her to set everything all kinds of alight – her wits have been pushed and split and she’s utterly prepared to shove like never before
They do adore her, just have to, sticking by her fiercesome side ’til it makes sense again – from the top of her pretty little head right down to the tips of the toes on her manicured feet
No such need for retreat anymore, it’s all been extremely well stored, about to tend to its own glorified and rip-roaring success
When she chose to only ever wear her favourite bespoke red dress, the same one with eggshells painted upon
Never in any sort of jest anymore, seems she was damn near born to impress
To face these intricate demons of hers and steam roll the whole damn lot of them into rather haphazard submission
Just say when and she will choose the absolute right avenue – plied ferociously aside individualistic ammunition, who ever knew she’d be so very good soon as this behemoth pressure was placed upon each and every next movement on her unassuming part
She Seems To Have The absolute Heart Alright
Just say when and we’ll be wholly willing to take part, couldn’t but strut our veteran stuff all in her fledgling honour
About to swarm like bees on trippy kinds of acid, rambling and ready to take aforementioned demons tantalisingly apart