They will wisely wish it of themselves and they will unequivocally make this thing all about them. Actually… it’s been this way and for Damn Near all of the time that it does take

To tie a ten-thousandth tangling of dislocated shoelace- they are not as brave as they may well have believed themselves to have once upon a LIE been —

Still keen-eyed and -hearted and asking for us.. to disclose our deepest most deliciously ambiguous secrets to them

Not gonna happen, never should’ve EVEN BEEN this way anyway, as we kNOw(!!) EXACTLY what it looks like when

… … you a-t-t-e-m-p-t to walk into walls with your anger anticipating a mountain of Crippling aNxIetY(!!) These people have officiALLy been blanked and on u-t-t-e-r purpose

Game-over: as their brains remain… drunkenly sober YET again. Take the acid and swallow that tablet, please: each of you HAVE to have been able for a long-time NOW to dutiFULLY become GOOD PEOPLE(.)

Goddamnit, though, did THEY Damn Well fail!! As WE pale into insignificance And on u-t-t-e-r purpose, ACTually