They nearly eagerly didn’t even entice their rambunctious brains to a place of epic satisfaction. And yet they achieved utter success with their eyes and minds aching to create BOTH PROSE and CON-filled comprehension all in one “go!!”

She’s taking polls of the pill-popping people inside of her mind and managing to make it feel eErIlY ReAl anyway. “We’ve suddenly stopped ourselves from breaking into other people’s process-of-brain, even been

Way, WAY offside inside our enticed mindful reckonings.” If she’s going to divulge her utter state of trust then she’s really gonna wanna LOOK AFTER THE OTHER PERSON with their brilliance-of-brain acting BarKinG-Mad RadiCaL.” And if we

Wished to suggest Room Service for the Holy Ghost who posed all of the trends-of-threat: “we’ll need to live well with our fading faces still feeling. Everything else impactful, please.” When we hear the Neanderthal noises which no-one else wants. Hear the heartbreak inside of our paranoid minds. She’s

Brushing up against the bruisingly improperly people yet again and showing them her BOUNDLESS PEN(..) OURS, actually – all of us. “And everybody.”