What if they maybe made us cradle the breaths that didn’t even merely-both-eagerly exist? And what if we were to’ve stood inside of rain-soaked public houses anyway… and named out each AND EVERYTHING:

“To all of ANYBODY.” We’ve set ourselves up for utter misunderstandings inside of our BED-bound heads..
and remained Back to Bed inside of mesmerised mInDs AGA!N. She’s turned it all on its aforesaid HEAD, actually, and spread her layabout legs

___ for ALL OF

The right KiNds Of rope-pulling noBODIES. We’ve bolstered our bottom-dollar design BACK TOGETHER DECEPTIVELY… and made irreparABLE eye-CONtact (yet again) – as opposed to tHeSe uNcOntrOllAbLe lEvElS oF mother ******* contractual agreements

We usually ended-UP making.. “with these FARM-faced and Neanderthal desires.”

of their very own UPPERCLA$$ AND lower-echelon delights(!)