They’ve been acting and playing and making games their innermost representable thing again; they’ve even been EVENLY permitting themselves “JUST. ONE. SUCH. THING!”

To be content and concentrate (time-again!) awhile, g-l-a-d-l-y, they will corner themselves in — times ten

And Just so VERY well/ “What HAVE WE TO HEAR”… but for the (RE-)taken shape of a Dostoyevskian masterpiece s-h-i-m-m-e-r and sHaKe, “and their PEACE-of-mind does in-deed appear to have been: an utterly, UTTERLY and playFULLY plagiarised thing —

by the StayAwHiLe(all sMiLeS.) nature
Of a great-and-fitting equilibrium… of back-to-front and FOREVER(!!) forward-thinking(!) *niarB

*Brain – there is a briar in the (rise of the) rose … and it (does) (in fact!) suppose(s) to propose A thing of Ten Thousand ‘Wishful Thinkers’ – she’s been failing to think and it feels so DAMN fine, actuALLy!