She’s been caught analysing pErFectioNism yet again… even been beatniking with the best of them-there damn-dastard mother-fucking mere-eager mediocre imbeciles! Yes, indeed, these Highly HYDRATED, resting-faced reprobates. It’s a serious situation and they’ve been

Altering their sacrificial-brains for the saving-grace sake of making mightily meandering MisTaKeS: “if it really takes a perceived-to-be ‘upside-down (AND OUT) poet’ to breathe and feed themselves in EQUALLY eMotIvE MEASUREMENT then so-be-that-the-thing which sinks to swim

—— >> Inside of their hot-surfaced skin!” They’ve won at the famed Game of (ENOUGH TIMES NOW) get ‘Em ALL (back) TO BED, plEASE, and make it feel ALL THE FEELS… immediately “please!” Soon as when

Their external noises outside of themselves “AGAAAAA!N!!?” cause all kinds of sad-faced (and misLEADING) M!S-understandings. “And starry-eyed, WE j(US)t M!GHT.” When we lose fuller-focUS and we FuCk it ALL-UP without even mere and EAGERLY vying for

______ Hospitality inside of a happy mind: “undenied.”