She stands to attention and smiles a thousand or ten miles

Wider than that, perhaps

She’s simply, although fair distantly been waiting within these rapturously tapestried wings of so very much as hers

A Cambodian glory story about to be written pristine

An unbeknownst while for now, allow yourself to Tuck On In, Please

To a point of unforgettably memory-based, intricately beautified upheaval

The time of her young ‘un life, albeit amidst this – his momentary offering supreme

He has equally been pondering to quite sizeably think, about an opportunity to wrap the whole aforementioned early-doors experience in uttermost reoccurrence


Just. Take. Your. Time. Wild. Princess. Of. Nearly. Never. Mine.

Find your feet, little hunzo lady of only ever blue & white theirs

Set to soliliquy parade these imaginatively suggestive dresses – bespoke to caress to hold at quickened force atop this seriously settled West Cork knee of mind-boggling his

Rest-assured, he will treat this particular, seemingly ethereal, intelligence-driven interior to the wicker road time of its self-sacrificed life

His mind can bring colour to an otherwise blanks-canvassed table

For it does indeed appear to be that you are tremendously stronger than that