If they understood the necessity to misunderstand their own necessities then we will have to. ~~ smack em on the rEddEnEd a$$ ch€€k$ and thank them like tasteful cRaZy(!!) It’s an encyclopaedic thing that’s been ALL OF IT happening, and they cannot seem

To Aptly Envision Another Way To Say: “the exact sameSane ThinG.” Speaking in dragon-like TonGues there’s only One More VersioN of a million other Original People’s and we CANNOT fault their innate ability to feel === ferociously FEDup actually.

Coincidences n all, it’s having its own source of high and DryExcitement, “when we ALL OF US aptly Admitted to having been—->> detrimentally O.T.T. That’s just how(??) it ALL fell
Enthusiastically apART actually… .” And if they were wondering where in hell they’ve ALL OF THEM been then, rest assured, there’s been another

State-of-RhApSoDic-awareness locking its gripping-of-teeth in. And it feels “Seriously DesensitisedToday.”

For the $ak£ of €V€Rybody £l$e and their cookie~cutter CONtrariness, they might just like to take a break from FaKinG it