They’re talking about something so VERY LUDICROUSLY overbearing that we cannot even bring ourselves to begin to compute just: how HURTFUL and hardly fought this one such LifeWas, and HADtohave been, acting

—> eagerly AND ill-aware; the truth is this(!!) That her desperate episodes of dutiful despair

Have taken and turned-her-into a falsified vERSion Of ThE CusSeD SaMe PeRsOn—>> running rings around her very own state-of-deceptively QUICK-FIRING intelligence.. and, then, something ALTOGETHER rather otherworldly disgusting

AND, rumOUR had-it-that: she has perished times-a-MILLION mereEAGER ruminationsInsideOfHerViolatedMind(of many)….
morning-time and much-of-the-VERY-sameThing for the rest-of-the-remainder of ——>>>

Any dayWhichsover, to scratch THAT aGoNisEd ItCh IS to s-t-i-t-c-h it FRIGHTFULLY back together AGAIN only M-I-N-U-S ANYsuCh g-a-i-n-i-n-g

… … … dAzEd AND Imperfectly CONfused, was her UTTER styleANDstate of UProarious enthusiasm when taken… … detriMENTALLY away TO THIS DAY(..)

Having her unequivocally stupendous SaY: what we SeE IsNoT pARTicularly WhAt wE shaLl have-to-Make- OURselves-SEE

“Oh, my: let us take her mEaNdErInG-oF-mindSIGHT and tape it aforeMENTIONED g-e-n-t-l-y back together again.” Please(?) And, goodGoD, go easy this time—

Because she’s knocked back a bottle of Quickthinking Whine. And we cannot know which way it will go