These prestigious memories are breaking the borderline to come back to belonging again.. been asking their owners for a mindfully aware place- ace is the spade which she carries UP her silken sleeve. “Beautiful and bedraggled were her mEaNdEriNg senses of sweet, acrimonious demeanour”— IS she m-e-a-n though, or just a… horse-drawn carriage away from some day soon.. … An overcast, sparingly drawn Moon… …

In so far as her arrangement of sophisticated attire fires straight from the HiP: equipped and she cases the area as only a true and good-good poet-pirouette should and shall and could do

“Phew.” For the thankfulness from people toward her “give-again“ Nature, her natty… often naughty awareness ——

Eagle eyed: she’s doing JUST FiNe. “Thanks you for barely ever asking”