To set this whole thing in outlandishly well set stone

A prone to be pretender, albeit with unashamedly bashful interlude

S u p r e m e

Mean to sentimentally keen, all in a charming man’s unknowingly disarmed instance – he’s been treating everybody he meets oh so preciously mean

For all that needs to be in it to Sit to so suddenly Stand

Upright aside aware and inundatedly proper

Hold Her Hand, Goddamnit

Take the good, take the bad, these sexually suggestive facts which drip from manicured, seriously beestung lips sitting simply opposed

Never so blindingly, fair obviously equipped in its motor-mouth life

The highwire personality placed on repeat that lies right behind/lust-filled beneath

See, they’ve been believing in the other person either way, say what they see and, rest assured, the flow will take them immediately by an empty hotel bedroom – Chelsea #2 namely

About to be precariously sexed back to life on an incredibly detrimental singer-strong writer’s utter need

To breathe these experiences via the knife-edge pen of only ever his

When Leonard the ladies-man sang for his supper