Dust in their cobwebs and dedicated both DELIBERATE = equilibrium inside of claustrophobic brains again. She’s easy on the eye and aching to stretch the length of her personality to utmost outstanding VULNERABILITY ACTUALLY.

When we didn’t even see what we did to truly thrive. When we watched them all fall and crawl and bring it back to end-of-the-day basics anyways: “YAY!!” Where’ve they gone through these things and IN WHICH PLACES

and with “WHO??” — when we’ve seriously been searching for instantaneous and getting GOD AWFUL fulfilment anyway ==

We’ve ended up sitting inside of outlandishly well-designed SanDcAstLeS inside of our own ((((overbearing)))) heads and asking: “doctors ALL OF THE DAMN DASTARD questions anyway – antsy as hell.” Where’ve we really been but for inevitably (((stuck))) inside of our own upside down heads. __ AND TRYING TO CHANGE THE SAME “DaMn!!!” CHANNEL… agaaaaaaaaain? We’ve

Changed it up to make it strengthen its own inner feelings. We’ve even taken the mere-EAGER bullets TO THE BRAIN that NO-ONE ELSE sees: “(when) invisibility bleeds.”