It sounds a little silly
But I might just need to burn the candle at both ends
To see that everything turns out fine
That this is
In fact
What people do with their time
This way I won’t catch myself hiding away
Bringing on the pain courtesy of OCD
Don’t get me wrong
I won’t go completely nuts
That’s not me
But I need to do this
Do something a little different
Something that goes about affording me a mind free of irrational worry
I’ve got to give it a shot
Most of you won’t understand
Because it is something that you do every other weekend
Upon my overall happiness my next move may all depend
A real first for me
So please understand the laughter, the loudness late on into the night
As part of me allowing myself to feel free
If I want ten beers then I’ll have ten beers
Ignore those all too bothersome thoughts
That I have for so long unwittingly sought
I need to do the best I can do
Come out the other side stronger than strong
Don’t get me wrong
This is no joke
Fact of the matter is
I’m like any normal person
I find it hard to spend an entire night on Coke
The mineral not the drug
So what will I do in order to burn the candle at both ends?
Ring a friend
Take a trip to some far off place
Ply ourselves with far too many beers
That leaves us with nothing but a haphazard smile on the face
Laugh ’til we can laugh no more
It’s right there for the taking
I must remind myself to stay well away from danger
From causing myself a headache
I remember it all too well, the hospital visits
I need to keep on keeping on
‘Til the OCD gets bored, decides to subside
It’s been happening of late
Know what, I’m about ready to hook up with a nice girl
Take her on out for a date
I’m going in the right direction for sure
I’ll stay in the moment actually
Like all of the self-help books keep informing me
Like that plied-with-drink patient in hospital once whispered in my ear
“In the end ’tis left down to yous! Face the feea…”
There’s a method to the madness
In them there books
Maybe it’s not just a money-making ruse
I might have to stop writing for a time
Take something of a backseat, see what I’ve done
Read over my folder of poems ’til I start to feel sublime
That’s what I’ll do
But I won’t get too carried away with it either
Recall what I said before, there needs to be no rules