Borderline emancipated and about to become elusive and electrified – by one singular state of unreadable apprehension: for the times that took her to places Of unmatched and unparalleled genetic patrimony & AGONISINGLY patronised right by …the state of admonished eyes ! Oh my: WHY the fuck did THIS thing NOT HAPPEN SOONER… …

rather than A Ticker-Tape Parade of Paralysis of Mind Over Flattery; an onslaught of ought to have been… silenced & upside down bliss, INDEED?!

Today, she will Speak to her PEAK of her balanced-back-together being AS A magnificently malnourished MOUTHPIECE, ONLY MINUS a sense of preachy MEANing

Yes… … She has been .. … too keen for this life to ever CRY Ferocious and FALSIFIED TEARS Again

Yet, She is-
an earpiece; that living, sumptuously SEETHING.. mother fUUUUUUUUCKING electrified DREAM

“That’s me!!” Says She: Sweetly