Their thoughts were nothing/NOT-A-THING infact but for.. these criminally QUICK-THINKING items

Of (highly-influential) and nursed instrumentation. They seek to have s-e-e-m-e-d fine-a-fair-while NOW, even if, AND when—

their Wicked Ways gEnTlY S-E-N-T Them(selves) Back From THE Particular Brink: of u-t-t-e-r-l-y unTHINKable, plain-downRIGHT iNsaNity, actually. It was…

This conscientioUSly c-R-e-A-t-e-D thing which HAD-TO-HAVE sent t(HE)m to THIS special PLace: of irreconcilABLE differences. It IS different!! Indeed, what we have hEARd (before) WAS supposed to feel—-

Normal-minded(in-fact): WAS to take a T-R-Y at tracking(andTRACING) their wideAWAKE minds BACK—-

to THAT pARTicular pl(ACE).. of utter purPOSE and p.a.u.s.e.d thought, which really..

ALL OUGHT-TO HAVE-HAPPENED-BY-NOW. And it w-i-l-l: guaranteed – baby s-t-e-p-s, pl-ease… … …
we doNOTneeD A MasterPEACE, we don’t even NEED-to-inebriate-ourselves-to-think, and.. ..

so say We, “Neither. Does. She!?”