Shocked at what they’ve seen it seems as if: ironic and comical people aren’t even ALL THAT boisterously ambivalent anymore; our diving bell and snail pace bitterly utterlyButterly, if you like

“To ask that particularly piercing question Why(?) as to “WHAT(??!)” actually hadn’t happened YETagain” / and the gaining in resilience is

A careless AND(…) idiosyncratic thingInRelativelyEqualUnison. And “where(?) DO((!!))” these people paraphrase their greatest fears but Immediately within (!!)…

“Other people’s androgynous senses… Of utterly professional procrastinationAndSwelteringSelfEsteem.”
As we screamItOutLOUD: “and like a pair of superstar SuperHeroes, HERE WE all are ANDwere… .”

Pointing at our plainness-of-brain and proclaiming the pain: “for few to fEeL” and many to toast their awareness to