To be fair and square and circular they really were all these other things when needs be. Their utter duty was to do the utterly unthinkable times enough now

To take the whole world crashing like thunderous applause… with them. “We yearn to earn a lot of things, and didn’t even think about the whole CharaDe.” We are NOT what we eat, as that’s just a crazy little CONcocted and half-contrived yarn. And, Christ, “how bored can 1~*poet become

With the state of their inflated “ERGO!!” —-

Spelling it backwards didn’t even seem to affect us in the slightest actually; and that’s not what they wanted <> because.. to call it (( ALL)) what it isn’t is

.. .. … )) just about as unbearably insane as anything can get. “Let’s.. see ye on Saturdayevening WHEN THE TIDE IS RIOTOUS.. and watch the aforesaid world wander and wAlK of its own

Explosive accord.” Because… THIS place right HERE(?) We hear it’s had its time in the Dostoyevskian SUN. So someone says. “And his name ain’t even:: Simon(!)”

*not a poet