He made himSelf a Man of Many for One Single Reasoning- a divisive cHoI—cE

To quietly CONquer the whole of this weird little world (of ours, though!?) with his wits still meandering, his magnifying mind JoviALLy (WIT)hstanding..
All of these people of prioritised and disGUISED pedigree-

A pedagogical example, perhaps, of the rarest teachings known to Any woman whatsoever AT ALL. They have mustered up both the time AND THE COURAGE via —

Word of whispering ((AND WELL-WISHERS)) mouth-PEACE; not a singular doubt, actually: that this constant and typically corruptified Man acted commonplace convoluted too many times to ever count itself back in again… … …

Even if, he has simultaneously extinguished many MUCH MORE than EVER before

FIrES, and all of his own CAREfully CoNsTrUcTeD reasoningAnd wrought-iron diligence

YESSSSS!!! “He has worked himself to the bones to be—

Immediately right here.” So much so these bones have GROWN new bones.”

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