It’s as simple and as effective as that, for me anyhow. The words go by a propellor-like… affair with.. my fingers and my imagination. I realise how fkn odd that sounds. That and about.. hmm, fifteen or so years trying to valiantly land a style, even if I had NO idea what said style might end up being. It’s a… passion for figuring out a new pathway of sentence and structure of descriptive storyline and, what’s more, the binding together of rhythm in such a manner that I am in fact perfectly able to explain my thought process, my pace of scribble and, ultimately, I guess, why it manages to make a lot more sense when read aloud. I get that it’s a little fast-paced for many but that’s entirely on purpose, so that I can eventually dip in time again to my bulging website and pinch phrases, sentences and structure of word for an eventual novel. Dunno if I do what to slow it down to appeal to the mainstream reader though.