They’ve done it all now.
They’ve even anticipated the time it MAY TAKE.. to become these bewilderingly beautiful and amazingly QuickThinking Individuals— to stop AND c-e-a-s-e (to release) it ALL NOW is to: suddenly act both supremely simultaneously AND UTTERLY advantageous. It will still take… a level of enthusiasm and meshed-Together-AnXiEty to start actually acting

—) proper-minded, Perhaps(?!) She has done it all now and been f-e-e-l-i-n-g A LittleWholeBIGBIT mIxEdUP times-a-million.

And this part particularly matters but—> when the walls all-of-them come caving-in-again, she N-E-E-D-S to remember JUST ONE SINGLE-minded thing…

That THESE particular people will:: NEVER LET HER GO(!) Even if, they will NEVER get to kNOw…
p-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y What it DID take —-) to be aforementioned dutiFULLY BEAUTIFUL. With her fists TwIsTed At ThE bLeEd Of ThE WrIsT, it seems as if—-

Everything will be::: “A-OKAY”.