They’ve brought themselves to a place of probably UnpardonableAND unparalleled bliss, indeed; these.. makeshift and wannabe people who’ve

Uttered ALL of The Wise Ol’ Words IN THE wholewide WORLD. It’s been.. a quick-thinking affair and we JUST DO NOT wish to Care, about the state of CrimsonBlueSuicide, actually(!) It’s an utterance of aforeMENTIONING’S which JUST does NOT mean to make anySuchSenseAgain. With his mind wired and his Eyes Inclined.. UNBLINKABLY back toward thINKing: in a straight and nARROW line,

We have to ask but Why(?) had the world not been to see something so very alarmingly WroNg iN AlL oF TheSe aforeMENTIONED disintegration’s. And just like that. She swiped the CANvas…

A master in the middle of a stroke, perhaps