There’s this particular time and pace of placement and it’s all kinda up in the air down here. And even kinda a little BIG bit.. ultimately this conversational tone of point AND view, to an ABSOLUTE kill —

That didn’t even appear to exist- except to serenity say.. .. BrAvElY: it’s ALL BEEN
A masterfully meandering of non-RESPONSIVE thing, and DEFINITELY a purposely built masterPEACE
… …

We w-i-l-l stop OURselves from watching and cEASE(!!) OURselves froM NEverEndIng Listening

—- To their monotonoUS shAPE of next forBIDden sentencing.. as it appEARS to have actuALLy SENT THEM seriously selfish AND TOXICALLY T-E-N-S-E. These fuckwits with their upside-down pens and NOTHING-ELSE except for everything..

And everyone