Dodderfaced and all they were seemingly teaching themselves to ably and advantageously understand – the hand and head and heart they’d been played; it’s all a little bit

Ironical and “comical” and tWisTeD—>uP viciously InPreyPreTend. “And maybe(?) way they see it// there’s a steeper than steep and utterly aBsTraCt incline, actually..” and

Why not(?!) walk with it inside their housing of mind.
While we were ably anticipating.. how to focusFirst and nextAndCertainly for the Sake

“Of admitting to having been.. these people of mine ALLmineEmotion, even though..” none of it was ReAl, Even+IF(!!)

We’ve been: thinking about the same path of utter reCONSTRUCTION again.. … AS everyone else. This is indeed comedic

“And it is indeed an absolute thinking man’s and woman’s GaMe: of let’s play the other hand and SEE.. Just wherein it May:: take us to next.”