3) Soon as this impossible thing became inCREDIBLE again- that thankful thing GAINED …gainFULLY where-IN.. it all manages to matter a whole great damn DEAL ! These “pretty inexhaustible people” who carry the SAME SOMEWHAT(!?) seen-to-BE DEMISE of (their) somewhat PAINTERLY eyes & LEFT(to right)… coquettishly (ill-)PREpared/“HARDLY!”

2) Nefariously: to shoulder some Other person’s judgeMENTAL injury

RegardLESS of… &… … and… … … AnD!!!
UNDENIABLY AFOREmentioned about to suffer and QUENCH xxx…

1) Their desired thirsts- We just MUST(!!!!!) (Re)ENTRUST in t(HIS) LIfeLONg.. livid, seething, delicately b-r-e—-a——t-h-i——n-g throng of TRANScendental thINg.

How to properly pronounce the words only to mean———-)) minUS: about a MILLION merely EaGeR ot(HER) things