You are talking about an ability to break the rules of writing: to combine… literary imagination with visual imagination with rhythm of rhyme with thunderous style of writing. Sure it won’t get its just desserts on the page because, well, people read at different paces and, plus, they are used to novels and mine are poetry-pieces leaning more and more toward novel writing whilst also, in fact, managing to be novel in their own right, in that other sense anyhow. So, while I see it entirely, the whole vision and landscape of the pieces, I know that it will inevitably take an actor, a location, props and a narrator so as to truly show the reader what I can do, what I have, and will, continue to try and do. But I take a breath and just do it now for fun. It’s the best fun in the world that I can imagine- because my day to day goings on are literally informing it all. Every next thing IS A POEMPIECE INFORMER 😆 Funny thing is, I fekn fell in love with my own approach to the scribbles and that means everything to me. I built that, that’s all of it mine 😃 I’ll never know how I did that but, somehow.. and only I can know the… profound focus necessary, I did it. Those closest to me may get it a bit more. But for me… HOLLLLLLLLLLLY FUUUUUUCK, I have to tip a self-congratulatory hat and then punch myself in the face for being that fella.