You’re creating a craving for theatrical representation with regard your writing. All of it and with scores of actors, scores of directors, the bigger the scope the better, no two ways. Having a colossal vision isn’t the scary part. The scary part is this. That I’ve already done it and that I will continue to do it, and I just might not get to choreograph all of the above in intricately packing the right parts back together with time. One reason why and only I can wholly know and feel it. It has three words. Three initial letters: O. C. D. If anyone saw what I have had to do to get to this part of my life, they truly would not understand where in the name of Christ I could possibly have gathered this kind of mental perseverance from. I want to experience it all in full and at wonderfully bruising pace. I never wanted to be the centre of anyone’s attention, the ocd made that happen. All I want is balance and care and support and understanding that if I need to adhere to certain routines so as to keep it in check then that will be understood. I need to leave a group of people, I will leave. Need to remain at home, then so be it. I’m trying to settle a mental storm here which has lasted for 2/3 of my life. It made me quirky and tic-ridden, sure, but what it also did is it unequivocally made me understand the necessity for utter comfort and calm. I didn’t want it to have to be this particular way, of course not. No-one would. But it is. I don’t have any advice for anyone regarding their state of mind. I don’t know any of the answers and either did I ever wish to. Again, that’s left up to the mathematicians and scientists of this world. Each to their own. Turns out I am a fairly introverted person, so that makes just how outgoing I’ve been ‘til now a very tiring thing to keep up with. So, I choose not to. That’s kind of akin to telling a jester of sorts to sit back and just watch the rest of the show rather than run it. Observation. That’s the name of the game. Behind the scenes is perfect for me 😃 😬 Enjoy xxxxx Two things: create phenomenal art and smile. That’s it. It is actually as simple as this and that right there is exactly what I have tried to work on all my life. **** the ocd, light my tits aflame and call me Andy Dufreyne

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