They were opening up their mammoth minds to yet another source of informational overLOAD(..)

There they “GO(!!!)” yet again-/
That softly explosion inside of their highflying AND-minded, ahem, mind.
They’ve been to the bottom of the barrel of BARE-NAKED equilibrium, and it has to have felt e-e-r-i-l-y(…) real and definitely a little big bit…
FuckedUP(!!) actually. They tried to matter whenever the facts acted at thrusting them into —
Yet another world of utter cHaOs, indeed; “we did not manage at seeing them, let alone slowingDOWN.. to allow them to
…—> bReAtHeAgain.” When it all stoodOUT like a seriously sore thumb and theirs.. WASN’T the Only1 that failed to make all sorts of reallyOUGHTA have made sense of itself contentedness. They are
Above it and
Beneficially benefitting from being:: beneath it ALL, actually.

Do we R-E-A-L-L-Y feel what they feel WAY-UP-WHERE, though(?) H-a-r-d-l-y and.. who the effing-hell knows ((anymore!!))
“But for a pair of widely (MIS)interpreted, unspeakable, and CERTainly unBREAKABLE people who do it all TO RETURN TO THE FORM of their
Young-ish OLD=lives.” There’s a history in that scar, they they all were —-

And if you are reading this: “trust in their equilibrium, please.”