There’s this level of itself and it’s really not all that Mundane a Same old thing actually. Where they’ve ACTually Been. Is BEyond the pond, the purely PUDDLE of muck atmosFEAR..

this ocean of knee deep times a million bEwIlDer! Really, what we ARE seeing HERE is a capsizing ship, indeed, and NOT a remote and uncontrollable boat, per-se(!)

Believe to LEAVE it ALL alone NOW is to-be-prone and PURELY: to this behemoth sense of stately ownership of one’s own singular AND secondary… tertiary, perhaps, Spelling of Self(!) it IS iconoclastic and everlasting… “FACT(!)”

CapSIZE, do Whichever, really, they might like to do.. to take their very own arm and to dRAG it regardless OF ANYTHING ELSE(!!) perched UPon strong – unguarded and GEARED fabulously toward-/

“F-a-c-t!” Facing: all of this fEAR. Just listen.. please, to the pACE of their Beautiful brain