Basically it will drag you back to doing it again, and again, AND again. The scribbles. Mightn’t be any solid answer as to why it does that exactly but, honestly, I ain’t arsed about questioning it either. You do it and of course you have higher expectations for it than the pieces all just ending up sitting inside of a website. You have to consider pushing them and their style a little further. Although, that’s not in me, as chances are, I’ll never want to read the stuff again once having written/created it anyway. A hidden fortune, who knows. WHO even cares! But I can sure as shit say right now that if health is wealth then, for sure, it’s priceless for me in particular. And I need to remember that I did that. I created a way back 😃 😅 Thats a crazy realisation all of its own, actually, and that’ll have to remain my greatest feat, I guess. Even IF I did eventually win a Nobel Prize for Literature. Don’t scoff, I aim ludicrously high 🤷‍♂️ I have to. It’s when passion has to outweigh everything and especially in my instance 😊