There is this thing in them which does seem to sing it and at a thousand miles per hourly addition, they’ve EVEN added it ALL up again and matter-of-fact(!) do, indeed, believe that to l-e-a-v-e it all alone

Along time, is NOT the greaTEST idea, actually. They’ve even walked and talked with their hardest, most dutifully magnificent AND magnified smiles a fair while- ALL AWHILE,

we will endlessly endeavOUR to truly treaSURE our v-e-r-y own scintillation amidst prior engagement —- this appears to have been the best experience for THESE particular pair of inside-out people

This IS the first time in a l-o-n-g layover of time that they have actuALLy accepted damn-well nearly Damn-Near(!) EVERYTHING, which is aforeMENTIONED born-to-sing:

From DEEPLY-BOTH-DUTIFULLY With-IN their beautiful eyes and mind and heart and artistically ambivalent souls

They hold ALL OF THE CONTROL and wish for it to remain resolutely remote