They spoke to her as though, the world did fitfully depend on it actually. And even if it did, then… “so what(?!!!)” — can we ever get to do to

Cause her affable ol’Mind To cause TiMe To have Held Its own Breathing OfBreachedBreath. “Maybe they can stop judging her state-of-awareness as to the needs of other UTTERLYengrossedPeople(!)” It isn’t appearing to be about Happiness-atALL-anyM-O-R-€, but rather their u—t—t—e—r unableness to feel

Anything much-better-off thanB-E-I-N-G… dutiFULLYbothfrightFULLYaforementioned Engrossed// in being, aboveALLelse..

Mainly these, “ahem, also=RANpeople ofPedestrianised minds and

FedUP$oul$… .” One toast… …three rashers, four sausages… and a battling ol’ bagOfDust CalledNoseDivingCoCaIn€, “please(!!?)”
So says the soul-dietSoldier at the backWithHisNoseWeDgeD SO-FAAAAR-UP(!!) his Sophomore arse.