If they done anything then.. they earned the trust of a troublesome number of Neanderthal imbeciles / and if the need to create dedicated art really started minUS the art part then —

Maybe they knew just how awfully nonsensical the need to DO THE GREATEST DAMN THING WITH THEIR theory-of-FisT really was
Actually rather a thing to do with their dilapidated bRaIn.

“If we can ever portray them this thing then we will do it right now/-
Here// with our fledgling fight of aforesaid fIsT steeped and steadied at the seams.”

Truth is, she got it all mixed~Up – markedly so – between mental illness and reckoning in all of the right kinds of HIGHstrung people.

She… broke noses in front of these terrifically troubled people sat ANTAGONISED inside of Cardboard boxes she can only EVER dream of:

“Because her oCd ToLd her That she would Always End Up HomElEss anyway(??)” even when they knew basically NOTHING of her batShitCrAzy, barbed and wired Existence.
Because, safest to say it, hers was THE most brutalised version of a beautiful inSTANCE::

Multiplied and mutilated into utter submission BY —- enough rigorous ruminations SINCE THE AGE OF EMPTINESS.. to spark An utter entitlement-AT-LARGE inside of her DARK MATTERS mind=

“For complete silence.” And if the quote wHiCh flOaTs means anything then it’s the quote which means to remain

… ultimately remote and a picture of handsomely failed FatIgue