A tilted take on paradise; she appears to have lost her many marbles and, yet, They’ve been wandering a thousand avenue of Way: to have our egalitarian “say” — how can we JUST S.U.C.H suggest something if —

Our softening of sUgGeStIon hasn’t even been regularly noted A.N.D dutiFULLY noticed(!)? But for… these interference of pandering pEopLe who DO SEEM TO appear… Lonesome and ‘Soft to the Bone’ –

If only, if ONLY(!!), they could take the obvious yet EQUALLY OBLIVIOUS hint(!) and s—p—r—i—n—t as far from Self-Destruction as humanly possible, though

Prone, prone… UPsetting little MeaNderIng(!) individuals who dual with themselves and to the exactitude point of UTTERLY(!!) arguing antagonism… …
Stuck within their own mindPRISON- “adults acting like… delinquents!”