He thought about all of the unthinkable things which he needed NOT do anymore; these extracurricular items which had been PAST-TENSE put upon his To-do List Today: “what is it?! What in the ACTUAL HELL IS NEXT” for him to wish for anymore… …

As a generous smirk, then smile… suddenly becomes.. this fair honorary thing i-n-d-e-e-d,

Of mixed-up metaphors tWiStEd shrewdly amidst these “Think-Out-Low People”

… those deathly silenced sorts (OF star-stricken WANNABES!) who take the tenderness of tImE to d-r-i-v-e themselves spontaneoUSly WiLd(!!) and on utter purPOSE…

Perhaps, in-fACT, these ARE the very same ‘SANE’ individuals who fall mysterioUSly within
The inner-workings of his favourite paintbrush: a paint-smattered amalgamation indeed, when touched (AND SHOVED) by that sense of sentient cReAtiOn(?!)—

And he SEEMS to have REALLY needed to p-u-s-h his mind AND BODY, HENCEFORTH, HIS preDISPOSED s-o-u-l “The Most!”

‘til perched on the brink of the enviably unthinkABLE,
Point of bewildering angst alongside captured understanding

“For most people, anyway.”